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Brand: DOUBLE K™ Model: 69
The 2000XL produces more air volume than other similar dryers - produces more air due to the aerodynamic housing design and a smooth hose lining (fewer ridges inside the hose) which reduces resistance when air travels through the hose, thereby increasing the air volume.Airgonomic™ Nozzle System ...
97,990 Ft
Ex Tax:77,157 Ft
Brand: DOUBLE K™ Model: 81
Produces warm, high velocity air under pressure to make your animal grooming tasks easier. Airmax® has two brush‑type motors and comes in two‑speed or variable speed models. One motor supercharges the other, or use just one for air volume and temperature versatility. The powerful motors reduce dryin...
130,000 Ft
Ex Tax:102,362 Ft
CHALLENGAIR® EXTREME®  | 3m csővel vari.seb. CHALLENGAIR® EXTREME®  | 3m csővel vari.seb.
Brand: DOUBLE K™ Model: 83
The Extreme dryer has greater effectiveness, air volume, velocity, versatility and value with less noise than any product in its category. Featuring two, 124 CFM, twin turbine motor/fan assemblies mounted in elastomeric noise and vibration damping enclosures. The redesigned clamshell High Impact ABS...
145,000 Ft
Ex Tax:114,173 Ft
Brand: DOUBLE K™ Model: 87
A Double K újabb fejlesztése praktikus segítség a kozmetikában. Mivel nincs útban, a szárítandó kutya könnyen körüljárható és kevesebb földről felszívott szőr kerül a szárítógép szűrőjére. A különböző szűkítő fejeket is tárolja, valamint a munka befejezése után a csővéget is ide lehet rögzíteni....
8,990 Ft
Ex Tax:7,079 Ft
Brand: ARTERO Model: 508
Functional button to adjust airflow and heating temperature. Super power 1.800W. Insulated for quiet operation. Filter washable and easy to replace. Unbreakable, stainless steel housing. Includes: Hose flexible with 3 nozzles....
89,000 Ft
Ex Tax:70,079 Ft
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