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Always Your Friend

Brand: ALWAYS YOUR FRIEND Model: 1188
Dazzling Brightness is an Organic Argan oil and Vitamin E lotion blend. Gives natural texture and revives the beauty of your pet’s coat by enhancing brightness. Can also be used for demanding knots before washing the dog. Does not require rinsing and does not wet nor dry out the pet’s skin. Great fo...
9,531 Ft 10,590 Ft
Ex Tax:7,505 Ft
Brand: ALWAYS YOUR FRIEND Model: 1137
Activator Serum is a natural and effective serum that helps overcome most known skin conditions. Colloidal silver is lethal to bacteria, yeast and viruses that cause bad odour and skin problems. A blend of powerful essential oils help promote hair growth and provide effective relief for pets with sk...
12,591 Ft 13,990 Ft
Ex Tax:9,914 Ft
Brand: ALWAYS YOUR FRIEND Model: 1139
A natural powerful conditioning lotion for frequent use. Vegetable keratin active amino acids and panthenol strengthen the hair shaft, fortify the skin, improve skin and coat quality, give natural colour and shiny hair, counteract hair loss, itching, eczema and many more skin conditions. Organic ext...
11,511 Ft 12,790 Ft
Ex Tax:9,064 Ft
Brand: ALWAYS YOUR FRIEND Model: 1138
The Skin Ointment is a blend of natural ingredients that help treat most known skin conditions. Organic aloe vera gel and vitamin E provide healing energy to the deepest layers of the skin, reduces itching and flaking and is both antibacterial and antifungal. Organic calendula oil stimulates collage...
12,591 Ft 13,990 Ft
Ex Tax:9,914 Ft
Brand: ALWAYS YOUR FRIEND Model: 1135
Divine Elixir is a rich organic oils blend that boosts the performance of grooming products such as shampoos, Conditioner and Clay Mask. It provides great hydration, restores softness, shine and elasticity while it promotes hair growth and enhances skin’s health. Divine Elixir can also be used as a ...
9,711 Ft 10,790 Ft
Ex Tax:7,646 Ft
Brand: ALWAYS YOUR FRIEND Model: 1133
The first all-natural ointment for healthy skin. The First Aid Ointment is a combination of natural ingredients that create numerous amazing beneficial properties for your pet’s skin. It is a great help for fast and effective skin regeneration while keeping bacteria away. The benefits of this innova...
5,571 Ft 6,190 Ft
Ex Tax:4,387 Ft
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