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Be Love

Brand: BE LOVE Model: 1077
Blend of organically sourced essential oils formulated to achieve high gloss on all coat types. Be Love Argan is designed to spray in a fine mist. The high concentration of biological essential oils including Argan, Cottonseed, Coconut and Camelia makes this product ideal for all breeds.HOW TO U...
11,990 Ft
Ex Tax:9,441 Ft
Brand: BE LOVE Model: 1099
Be Care is a concentrate of select oils, especially formulated to enhance shine while nourishing the animal's coat. Be Care moisturizes brittle, damaged hair making it soft and shiny. Its formula helps avoid mat formation and protects the coat from damaging agents. Ideal for all breeds.How to u...
13,990 Ft
Ex Tax:11,016 Ft
Brand: BE LOVE Model: 1081
Combing and maintenance treatment for all coat types. High restructuring power formula. Immediate results, coat appears well hydrated and vital. Protects all coat types from environmental damage. The powerful action of the biological Argan oil allows for easy combing while nourishing the coat; excel...
11,990 Ft
Ex Tax:9,441 Ft
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