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Brand: METROVAC Model: 530
This lightweight grooming tool features an advanced design that reduces drying time by 80% so grooming professionals or pet owners can dry pets in no time. With its Variable Control 4.0 Peek HP 2 Stage Dual Fan Motor, this pet grooming dryer uses its high speed to propel water off of pets, leaving t...
145,000 Ft
Ex Tax:114,173 Ft
Brand: METROVAC Model: 176
Introducing the new MetroVac® Air Force® Commander® colors. The same all steel, American made pet dryer our customers have relied on for 30 years has bold new looks. 2-Speed control allows you to groom large or small breeds. Ideal for grooming professionals or pet owners. Perfect for long hair or sh...
135,000 Ft
Ex Tax:106,299 Ft
Brand: METROVAC Model: 175
Featuring two twin fan 4.0 peak HP motors, and Dual Variable Controls this dryer offers infinite control over airspeed. It allows you to reduce unnecessary noise by up to 90% while grooming small or short-haired breeds. Less noise means less frightened dogs and more efficient grooming.Powerful w...
265,000 Ft
Ex Tax:208,661 Ft
Brand: METROVAC Model: 160
Air Force® Quick Draw Portable Pet Dryer with Variable Speed The Air Force® Quick Draw® with Variable Speed produces 10 times more blowing power than a human hair dryer and best of all it’s safe for all pets because there’s no heating element to dry out their coats or burn their skin. Will eliminate...
71,000 Ft
Ex Tax:55,906 Ft
Brand: METROVAC Model: 171
This high-performance pet dryer is designed to provide you with faster, more efficient pet drying. Reduce your pet-drying time and get back to business fast. Variable speed and heat controls give you full command over the level of blowing power and heat used. It allows you to set the strength of the...
290,000 Ft
Ex Tax:228,346 Ft
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