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Brand: METROVAC Model: 171
This high-performance pet dryer is designed to provide you with faster, more efficient pet drying. Reduce your pet-drying time and get back to business fast. Variable speed and heat controls give you full command over the level of blowing power and heat used. It allows you to set the strength of the...
290,000 Ft
Ex Tax:228,346 Ft
Brand: DOUBLE K™ Model: 74
Dry Animals Faster with the Most Innovative and Effective Stand Dryer Quiet, Powerful and Effective • Reliable Brushless Motor Revolutionary Centrifugal Impeller Technology • 2 Year Warranty New Durable 'EZ Roller' Anti‑Fouling Cleanable Casters1. Great versatility.2. Powerful BRUSHLESS m...
340,000 Ft
Ex Tax:267,717 Ft
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