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Peace and Kindness Shampoo | 473ml

Peace and Kindness Shampoo | 473ml
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Peace and Kindness Shampoo | 473ml
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Shampoo for skin problems, eye coloring with silver colloid

Use it to effectively treat various skin problems!
Rain colloidal shampoo is sulfate-free and soothes allergic and ultra-sensitive skin.
A Peace amp; Kindness Shampoo contains silver colloid standardized to 22 ppm.

How does it work?
In viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites, various enzymes help the metabolism of pathogens. The silver colloid inhibits the optimal function of these enzymes, causing the death of the pathogen, which takes about six minutes.

What is it good for?
It can be used on the body surface, externally, to treat fungal infections, eczema and countless other infections.

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