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Emerald Black | 3,8L

Emerald Black | 3,8L
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Professional deep cleansing shampoo and conditioner for black or dark hair

Deep cleansing, conditioning shampoo for black or dark shades. EMERALD BLACK professional blackening shampoo is excellent for cleansing, brightening color and can be used on any mixed color based on a dark color. There is no need to worry about white or discolors light coat. Spaniel, Setter, etc. For (long) hair, using the Refurbish® hair conditioner - in bright light - you get a wonderful, body-fitting hair without being sticky or oily. It does not soften terrier hair, so it is a great help in preparing hard-haired dogs for shows. Long hair will be easy to handle. It is gentle and nourishes the skin of the animal. Helps eliminate reddish shades caused by the sun. “Emerald” gives a shine with a delicate green apple scent. Its extreme concentration (1:32) is of great value. Recommended for all pets, all hair types.

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