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All Black Shampoo | 1L

All Black Shampoo | 1L
All Black Shampoo | 1L
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All Black professional reviving shampoo for dark coats with hibiscus flower extract.

All Black professional reviving shampoo for dark coats, formulated with organically grown ingredients, ideal for dogs and cats with black or dark fur. Gently cleanses, removes dirt, revives, improves and enhances the color and natural shine even for discolored coats.
A mix of precious oils and carefully selected ingredients such as blackcurrant, rice proteins, millet, fenugreek, coconut oil enriched with hibiscus flower extract give numerous benefits to the hair, helping to strengthen and hydrate it The walnut husk extract, rich in omega 3 and dyeing properties, is a natural highlighter, has a sebum regulating action and makes the coat full-bodied and shiny.Blackcurrant gives shine, revives the coat, hydrates the fur while smoothing the cuticle. Rice proteins give a revived and protected color. It hydrates and strengthens the fur offering color protection. Millet, rich in mineral salts, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, silicic acid, strengthens the structure of the hair, preventing breakage and counteracting the thinning of the coat. Excellent for giving shine to black, grey, blue coats. It is enriched with a mix of organic oils: coconut oil with a hydrating and shiny effect, leaves the fur manageable, elastic, soft and shiny; Walnut husk oil with nourishing and darkening properties, and finally blackcurrant extract, gives shine and revives the color of the coat.

All black shampoo is recommended: Ideal for all black and dark breeds

Recommended breeds: Poodles, Cockers, Labrador Retrievers, Boston Terriers, Belgian Shepherds, Schnauzers, Pinschers

How to use our shampoo:
Dilute all black shampoo 1/10 in warm water and distribute it on the wet coat.

How to use
Dilute the shampoo 1:10, apply to the dry coat and moisten slowly, massage, leave to act for a few minutes and rinse. Then repeat the operation and rinse thoroughly. If it is necessary for the first shampoo, also use the product pure.


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