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Black on Black Shampoo | 473ml

Black on Black Shampoo | 473ml
Black on Black Shampoo | 473ml
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Shampoo for deep black

When using Black On Black, the goal is to remove reddish hues. We don’t want to use hair dyes that, when placed on the surface of the hair, dull the coat and also change the feel of the coat. Instead, we restore the black color by introducing green pigment! The reason for reddish discoloration in black dogs is that there are black pigment grains in the upper layers of the hair and reddish hues in the deeper layers. When the outer layer fades due to the sun or other external factors, red pigment particles appear on the surface. And the complementary color of red is green, which together results in black (similar to red wine filled in green glass, which appears black in the glass). Chris Christensen Systems Black On Black’s special low molecular weight pigment grains are so small that they can penetrate its natural gaps inside the hair without the need for any aggressive chemicals! We neutralize the red color by getting green pigment particles inside the hair! The introduction of green pigment particles into the hair restores the dog’s previous bright, deep black color. Not to mention that leaving the outer stratum corneum of the hair intact creates an optical effect like a shiny glass surface, reflecting and intensifying the brilliance of the color underneath!

Exceptional deep cleansing effect and color implantation system with a single application.

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