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ALPHA WHITE® | 236ml

ALPHA WHITE® | 236ml
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ALPHA WHITE® | 236ml
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Special shampoo for dazzling whiteness, deep cleansing and conditioning in one

Bleaching, deep cleaning, conditioning, stain removal in one. (1:32) Concentrated with natural ingredients, the very economical ALPHA WHITE® removes dirty stains and yellowish discoloration (can be used in concentrated areas in these areas). It gives the coat a pleasant scent, which at the same time makes it shiny and shiny. It nourishes hair and skin through its contents of humectant and emollient. Excellent bleach, deep cleanser. It does not soften the coat, making it perfect for hard-haired dogs, e.g. westi, Jack Russell, for all trimmed breeds, short-haired dogs, e.g. Argentine dog, pointer, dalmatian, etc. It can be applied to a coat that consists of mixed colors and the base color is white. For soft-haired dogs (eg havanese, bichon frize, bolognese, etc.) it can be used for a second wash in combination with Midnight White®, which softens the hair.

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