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Ypower Shampoo | 1L

Ypower Shampoo | 1L
Ypower Shampoo | 1L
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General basic shampoo for medium and long-haired dogs and cats with honey, propolis, aloe vera

YPOWER SHAMPOO is a high-end professional product with an exceptional formula and ingredients from organic farming such as HONEY PROTEIN, PROPOLIS, ALOE VERA. The natural ingredients nourish and make the hair silky, soft and shiny. The perfect pH of the shampoo ensures the natural acidity of the skin, so the important lipid layer that covers and protects the skin remains intact. The intense cleansing and soothing effect of honey enzymes and natural plant antioxidants is felt even on the most sensitive skin. Aloe Vera extract improves the moisturizing ability of the shampoo, making the hair soft and shiny. Ypower Shampoo is especially suitable for long and medium length fur, all breeds, but is also a very good choice for puppies and older dogs. For maximum results, it is recommended to supplement the shampoo bath with Aries ‘Ypower Balsamo’ honey conditioner.

All Aries products are: NO SODIUM - SLS FREE - PARABENE FREE, EDTA FREE and are not tested on animals.

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