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White on White Shampoo | 473ml

White on White Shampoo | 473ml
White on White Shampoo | 473ml
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Whitening shampoo

White on White is primarily a product for professional exhibitors. White on White gives a new meaning to the definition of “white” color. Unlike other whitening shampoos, White On White shampoo optically intensifies white in a brilliant way that everyone needs to see in order to truly believe it! It does not contain bleaching chemicals with destructive side effects and thus can give any dark colored coat an exceptional shine! White on White does not irritate the skin. However, if your dog has an allergic disease, it is a good idea to try the product in a small area before use. Do not use on wound surfaces, scar tissue, inflamed skin surfaces and around the eyes!

In the treatment of white fur, the general method of removing discoloration is bleaching treatment, however, peroxide continuously damages the dog’s hair (until it falls out). Therefore, we do NOT use bleaching.

On the contrary! In the process, pigment particles of 37 different shades that neutralize discoloration are applied to the surface of the hair, and pigment particles that enhance the desired white color are applied by the same application. Because White On White’s molecules are specially designed and very small, it is not necessary to open it with destructive chemicals to get it under the surface of the hair, but they are able to penetrate inside the hair through natural discontinuities! For example, the special tiny molecule structure of all Chris Christensen products is similar to a golf ball as opposed to a handball-sized ball. Its tiny molecules on the outer sheath of the hair can get inside without breaking down aggressive chemicals (such as peroxide). The long-term effects of the traditional bleaching process are destructive and permanent. The use of hair dyes also has undesirable effects, as the dye gets on the outer surface of the hairs, so its effect is not permanent, it makes the hair artificial to the touch, possibly sticky, and it loses its shine. off on Judges’hands.

Extraordinary deep cleansing effect and color implant system with a single application.
Pigment particle implantation system. Development of low molecular weight pigment particles that can get inside the hair without the application of aggressive chemicals.
It neutralizes discolored stains that surface cleaners cannot remove and delivers pigment particles inside the hair that provide the desired color.

It leaves no marks on the surface of the hairs, thus allowing natural light to provide a special, natural shine on the coat.

It leaves no trace on hands, devices, its effect lasts for 4 weeks.
Its balanced ingredients help to close the surface of the hair and regenerate it, thus deepening the tone and natural shine of the color. White On White can be applied to ANY hair color in all dog breeds to provide the effect described above. It removes discoloration and makes all shades more intense and bright. If your coat contains 15-20 white, use White On White! Whatever your doubts about which color enhancement treatment to apply to your dog, always feel free to choose White On White!


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