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Volume Boost Mask | 1L

Volume Boost Mask | 1L
Volume Boost Mask | 1L
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Tauro Pro Line ULTRA NATURAL CARE Volume Boost mask with the highest quality, carefully selected ingredients for increasing the volume of the coat of cats and dogs. The mask is suitable for all coat types. The product is designed to increase the density of the pet's coat. It helps to restore the coat’s natural beauty, healthy shine and amazing volume.

Improves coat density
Designed to possibly aid in improving coat density, it contributes to a fuller and more lush appearance for your pet.

Prevents softening or flattening of the coat
Designed to potentially prevent softening or flattening, it helps maintain the integrity of your pet's coat, ensuring it stays resilient, voluminous, and visually appealing.

Prevents the weight down
Its potential lies in leaving your pet's hair delicately smooth to the touch, all without weighing it down.

Hydrates and balances oily skin
Formulated to potentially provide hydration and address oily skin while balancing.


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