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Tea Tree And Neem Oil Shampoo | 5L

Tea Tree And Neem Oil Shampoo | 5L
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Deep cleansing and refreshing shampoo with natural parasitic and insect repellent effect for dogs and cats

TEA TREE AND NEEM OIL SHAMPOO is especially recommended for dogs and cats that spend a lot of time outdoors during the summer, e.g. mosquito at the time of invasion, but excellent for quick flea control of a dog or cat arriving at a beauty salon. Herbal, citrus scent effectively eliminates unpleasant odors, soothes, thoroughly cleanses and refreshes the skin.

Main Ingredients: White Tea Tree Essential Oil, Our Father's Shrub Oil, Thyme and Chamomile Extract, Quaternized Keratin, Creatine, C + E + Panthenol Vitamin Complex. (Quaternized keratin in high concentration is in itself a special hair conditioning and film-forming ingredient that protects hairs from environmental influences) It does not contain permethrin or any other insecticidal ingredient. The result is a glittery, pleasant-smelling fur and alleviation of skin irritation caused by parasites with the help of natural ingredients.

The product is phthalate, paraben, sls, sles and petroleum derivative free! Spares the user's hand. It is a top quality product selected and then developed from the most demanding ingredients used in human skin care.

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