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SmartWash50 Papaya Starfruit Shampoo | 3,8L

SmartWash50 Papaya Starfruit Shampoo | 3,8L
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SmartWash50 Papaya Starfruit Shampoo | 3,8L
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50: 1 dilution deep cleansing shampoo with a pleasant papaya and star fruit scent

SmartWash50® grooming shampoo is an excellent member of the Chris Christensen Systems family. Fine scented shampoo in high concentration (50: 1) for dogs and cats. It has a deep cleansing effect without damaging the natural sebum protection of the coat. SmartWash50 Shampoo gently but very effectively removes wax, varnish, oil and any material applied to the surface of the hair during exhibition hair preparation. After use, the coat has a fresh, healthy, shiny and pleasant scent! Its fresh-smelling fragrances are discreet, not loud. Recommended for all hair types. Ideal for using bathing equipment!

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