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Revive Intensive Oil | 150ml

Revive Intensive Oil | 150ml
Revive Intensive Oil | 150ml
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Suitable for the most neglected coats and affected by knots and coils, for all races and all hair types and textures

Blend with multifunctional light touch and not oily Jojoba oils, flax seeds and sunflower, specifically selected to enliven the dull coats, brittle and damaged in weaving, felted and have surface coils and knots from the base of the hair. A revolutionary and innovative system of vegetable microcapsules preserves the strong restructuring action of Vitamin E and Keratin quaternized which remain enclosed and protected until the moment.

KEY INGREDIENTS: Jojoba and Macadamia oil in high concentrations, quaternized Keratin, Creatine, Vitamin C + E + Panthenol. Formula without alcohol and parabens.

Moisturizing, volumizing, smoothing, ideal as a maintenance product if dissolved in warm water and sprayed uniformly on the surface during drying.

METHOD OF USE: Add to one of the shampoo of Yuup range (1-2 dosed dispenser for a single wash, depending on the size of the dog) to facilitate the limbering and reduce the drying times. For particularly dry and arid mantles use on hair washed and dry: spread the product on the hands and apply it in a minimum quantity directly on the mantle.

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