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Reflection Shampoo | 1L

Reflection Shampoo | 1L
Reflection Shampoo | 1L
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White, blonde and gray coats (yellow inhibitor). Red, dark and black coats (intensifier of natural reflections). All coats with brittle, opaque, flat and dull colors.

Exclusive formulation designed to polish and intensify the natural reflections of the hair. On one side, the highly moisturizing, restructuring and nourishing action of the oils present in the formula make the hair shiny and brilliant. On the other side, the optical brightener, which makes the product an intense blue, inhibits yellow of white coats, giving increasingly candid reflections. On light, red or dark coats it acts by intensifying the natural reflections, also enhanced by a restructured, healthy and deeply nourished structure of the hair.

- Organic argan oil: protective, moisturizing, strengthening, gives shine.
- Cotton oil: restructuring and moisturizing. Intensifies color tones.
- Camellia oil: stimulates the production of collagen and makes the hair silky and shiny.

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