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Hyper White Shampoo | 1L

Hyper White Shampoo | 1L
Hyper White Shampoo | 1L
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Professional extra whitening shampoo with natural ingredients for dogs and cats

HYPER WHITE is a professional super whitening shampoo for white, light, or white  contoured hair. The shampoo, which contains exclusive natural extracts, amino acids and proteins, regenerates the hair and skin, restoring the natural white color of the coat. It helps to remove yellowish spots without damaging the hair structure. With regular use, a long-lasting shiny white fur coat can be maintained. For maximum results, it is recommended to supplement the shampoo bath with Aries ‘Hyper White Maschera’ super whitening conditioner.

All Aries products are: NO SODIUM - SLS FREE - PARABENE FREE, EDTA FREE and are not tested on animals.

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