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Glossing and Detangling Spray | 250ml

Glossing and Detangling Spray | 250ml
Glossing and Detangling Spray | 250ml
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Spray professional biphasic for detangling and polishing action

The 2 phases are mixed by shaking the bottle before each use and combining the action complex antioxidant and restructuring (pink phase) to that detangling and polishing (white phase). A continuous use also protects against harmful effects of sun, salt, chlorine, pollution, brushing, blow drying. It is not greasy and does not weigh, reduces the drying time.

Specific for the long coats tending to the formation of knots and coils.

KEY INGREDIENTS: Vitamins C + E + Panthenol, Keratin quaternized, Creatine and conditioning agents, film-forming enriched of volatile silicones for cosmetic use, a dry touch and dry.

HOW TO USE: Shake well, then spray evenly on the wet surface during drying, leave a few minutes for the product to be distributed on each hank and then brush. In the case of particularly difficult also exert a mechanical action nodes with hands to facilitate the opening of the coil and thus the penetration of the product and proceed with the brushing. For polishing action or anti-static spray the product in small quantities directly on dry hair or the teeth of the comb, then brush.

Do not dilute, ready to use product.

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