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Be Phasic Conditioner Spray | 250ml

Be Phasic Conditioner | 250ml
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Be Phasic Conditioner Spray | 250ml
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Spray conditioner for long and drop coats characterized by a two phase system, one water-based and one oil-based, when an emulsion is formed it promotes easy combing and detangling, lending shine and structure. Ginseng extract strengthens and restructures damaged coats.

Shake product very well until a homogeneous emulsion is formed. Spray product onto damp coat from a distance of about 20-30 cm to detangle stubborn mats. May also be sprayed on dry coat weekly for maintenance and to boost shine.

Spray Conditioner with Ginseng extracts suitable for long coats. Characterized by a mixture of aqueous and oily properties which makes the hair glossy, shiny and easier to comb.

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