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Ypoderm Shampoo | 5L

Ypoderm Shampoo | 5L
Ypoderm Shampoo | 5L
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Professional emollient, soothing and moisturizing shampoo for dogs and cats with sensitive, seborrheic, allergic, dandruff or itchy skin

YPODERM shampoo contains excellent emollient, soothing and moisturizing plant extracts such as aloe vera, yarrow, castor, tea tree and olive oil. Thanks to its rich and special composition, it helps dogs and cats with irritated, dry, itchy, dandruff or dermatitis-like seborrheic skin. It also helps prevent excessive sebum. There is a noticeable improvement after the first use.

All Aries products are: NO SODIUM - SLS FREE - PARABENE FREE, EDTA FREE and are not tested on animals.

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