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Ultra Sensitive Conditioner | 400ml

Ultra Sensitive Conditioner | 400ml
Ultra Sensitive Conditioner | 400ml
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Tauro Pro Line Pure Nature Ultra Sensitive conditioner for dogs and cats is designed to gently restore dry or dehydrated coat by intensively moisturizing it. The unique formula of natural active ingredients promotes deep hydration of the skin and hair - ideal for dry and damaged coat, as it penetrates deeply into the different layers of the hair from the roots to the tips. The conditioner helps to comb the coat more easily and effectively fills and thickens the hair affected by the procedures, damaged and damaged structure. Suitable for daily use.

Rich in essential and natural oils
Experience the luxurious products enriched with a blend of essential oils, providing your pet's coat with a nourishing and rejuvenating treatment. Our formulas are carefully created to leave your pet's coat feeling silky-smooth while the natural oils work their magic to promote scalp health and enhance hair's natural shine.

Gentle for sensitive skin
The composition does not contain aggressive ingredients, so this product is perfect for pets with sensitive skin problems.

Suitable for daily use
This conditioner composition is carefully formulated to be gentle and safe, making it suitable for daily use, ensuring your pet enjoys a clean and healthy coat every day.

Nourishes skin & coat
This conditioner is expertly formulated to nourish both the skin and coat of your pet, leaving them with a lustrous and healthy appearance that you'll love.

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