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Stainless Look 3 in 1 | 50ml

Stainless Look | 100ml
Stainless Look 3 in 1 | 50ml
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Nourishing mask for white-masked pets, helping to eliminate stains around the eyes, mouth, and to prevent the formation of stains

Stainless Look Mask Nourishing Mask for White-Breasted Dogs and Cats

For help eliminate brown stains around the eyes, mouth, or other areas of the fur and prevent their formation:
Does not contain bleach or peroxide, does not damage the structure of the fur.
Can help eliminate brown stains around the eyes, mouth, or other places of fur.
Can help protect the coat from the formation of brown spots.
For dogs and cats of all ages.
Suitable for use in the preparation of the pet for the exhibition.

Kaolin - provides a natural and gentle whitening effect.
    MicroZeogen mineral - absorbs dirt, and prevents it from penetrating the coat.
    Silver - reduces the spread of bacteria and has an antibacterial effect.

Verified by professionals:
Safe composition – without silicones, parabens, and SLS.
Developed by breeders – reliable, high-end products.
For all types of fur.

Application: Shake the product well before use and stir after opening. Wait until the mass thickens to the desired consistency. Apply only to a clean coat.

For protection from brown spots: carefully apply the remedy to places that can brown, wait a few minutes for drying, and leave. Use the product as needed.
Operation: The dry mass absorbs the moisture emitted by the tear ducts or saliva without draining, without oxidizing the fur.
To remove brown spots: Carefully apply the remedy to the browned areas of the coat, wait until dry and comb out. Apply 1-2 times a day or as needed until the existing spots disappear.

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