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Shiny Shampoo | 1L

Shiny Bio Shampoo | 1L
Shiny Shampoo | 1L
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Shiny Bio Shampoo is  a highly professional product for dogs specific for all breeds with dull coats. Contains a mix of precious biological active ingredients such as coconut oil, flaxseed, soy protein, sunflower seeds, almond oil and olive oil enriched with Red Vine Extract and Phytokeratin for a brilliant effect and a luminous finish. The Shiny Bio Shampoo is light for the coat also useful in situations of dry skin and where olive oil is a precious element for its emollient properties it gives shine to the hair, coconut oil instead has a moisturiing and polishing effect leaves the hair manageable soft and shiny elastic. Shiny Bio Shampoo cleanses the skin and the coat effectively eliminates dirt and grease particles, specific to cleanse and enhance the color and natural shine. It wraps the coat protecting it from pollution and atmospheric agents, sealing split ends and eliminating frizz effect. The extract of Red Vine and Phytokeratin also greatly enrich the quality of the product by strenghtening thin fragile hair and conditioning, regulating the hair with astringent extracts, emollient and refreshing on the skin, leaving the manageable elastic soft and ultra shiny coat.

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