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Purifying Shampoo for All Types of Coats | 1L

Purifying Shampoo for All Types of Coats | 1L
Purifying Shampoo for All Types of Coats | 1L
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Basic cleansing shampoo for all hair types and oily, dandruff hair for dogs and cats

PURIFYING SHAMPOO FOR ALL TYPES OF COATS is the basic shampoo of the Yuup product family, which is suitable for all breeds, hair types for both dogs and cats. Thanks to its top-quality cleansing and active ingredients of plant origin, it is an ideal choice for the care and restoration of oily, dandruff hair. Contains natural extracts of aloe vera, white willow extract, propolis, quaternized keratin, creatine, vitamin C + E + Panthenol complex.

(Quaternized keratin in high concentration alone is a special hair conditioning and film-forming ingredient that protects hairs from environmental influences)

With its pleasant scent, it effectively eliminates unpleasant odors, refreshes the fur and skin without drying it out.

It is especially recommended for the first shampoo in case of dry, fragmented hair exposed to heavier stress, or if the goal is to maintain hydration.

The product is phthalate, paraben, sls, sles and petroleum derivative free! Spares the user's hand. It is a top quality product selected and then developed from the most demanding ingredients used in human skin care.

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