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Paw Cream Spf 50 | 100ml

Paw Cream Spf 50 | 100ml
Paw Cream Spf 50 | 100ml
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Paw cream with organic sun protection.

Paw Cream Spf 50 is a professional organic cream with 50 Spf sun protection, hydrating and nourishing for the most delicate parts: fingertips, nose and elbows for dogs and cats.

The special organic formula enriched with aloe vera, marshmallow mallow, white walnut oil, flaxseed and chamomile essential oils makes Paw Cream a protective and hydrating cream.

Aloe vera helps create an insulating barrier between the bearings and everything they may come into contact with, preventing calluses and cracking. Mallow has a refreshing effect that gives the animal a feeling of well-being. The SPF 50 protection combined with the organic oils form a perfect combination: they protect the skin from solar radiation and at the same time hydrate, nourish and soothe the nose, fingertips and elbows.

Paw cream prevents dryness and cracking of paw pads, nose and elbows due to external temperatures.

- Sun protection SPF 50
- Protect the most delicate parts before walking on too hot asphalt or very cold ground.
- Protection during the winter period (snow and ice) and summer period (asphalt or hot sand)
- Prevents redness and irritation related to sun exposure
- Professional care for home use

How to use
Spread the moisturizing protective paw cream on the pads of the paws, nose and\or elbows and massage gently.
Repeat 2 to 3 times a day as needed.

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