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Bio Oil Vitalizing | 100ml

Bio Oil Vitalizing | 100ml
Bio Oil Vitalizing | 100ml
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Bio oil vitalizing vegan is a ready-to-use natural and vegan professional cosmetic product of the highest quality; a mix of 19 organic and vegan oils formulated for hair and skin care; a unique composition with high nourishing, restructuring, hydrating, repairing and energizing power for all dog breeds

Bio Oil vitalizing contains a complex of essential oils from organic farming : Argan Oil, Apricot Oil Vit. A and E, Almond Oil, Seed Oil Sunflower, Sesame seed oil, Lavender oil, Coconut oil, Geranium oil, Olive oil, Bran oil, Hemp oil, Rosewood oil, Coriander oil, Basil oil, Bergamot oil, Orange oil, Oil of Laurel, Lemongrass Oil and Aloe vera Oil.

The variety of organic and Vegan oils contained in Bio oil vitalizing is a mix designed to nourish and improve the condition of the skin, hydrate the coat when it is damaged and brittle, restores the dermis and gives shine of the coat of our animals.

Bio oil vitalizing vegan contains a complex of organic essential oils rich in natural active ingredients and precious nutrients, with a high emollient, moisturizing power, extremely beneficial, rich in vitamins E-A B-C and amino acids guaranteeing maximum aesthetic result of the shinier and more fragrant coat.Advice

   Ideal for dry, thinning, damaged and brittle hair
    Skin regenerating action
    Immediate revitalizing and restorative action
    Rebalancing for the oily structure of the hair
    Nourishing, hydrating and conditioning action
    Rapid absorption without being greasy
    Provides nourishment and beauty to the coatHow to use

Adds 1 or 2 teaspoons of bio oil to the shampoo or mask for every 100 ml of product.
Also excellent for spa treatments.
If needed, use it as a pre-treatment directly on the coat.

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