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MIX 250ml

MIX 250ml
MIX 250ml
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Multiphase spray conditioner for dry or wet hair

Helps brushing out while giving the coat extra volume, smoothness and shine. Aids drying.

About the Product
  • Its anti-static properties allow for brushing to be effortless.
  • Able to de-matt and keep matt free between brushing.
  • Its volumizing effect allows for a better finish in dense, curly and long coats.
    How to use?
  • Shake well, then spray the area and begin brushing. When using on a wet coat, towel dry first. Then, spray mix and begin brushing. No need to rinse out product, just dry into the coat. when using on a dry coat, spray directly on the coat and begin to brush.
  • Can also be used as a scissoring spray.

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