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Magic-Plex Conditioner | 400ml

Magic-Plex Conditioner | 400ml
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Magic-Plex Conditioner | 400ml
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Tauro Pro Line Conditioner Pure Nature Magic-Plex deeply nourishes hair while strengthening it through the roots.
A powerful combination of natural ingredients keeps hair moisturised and healthy, leaving skin soft and smooth.

The unique composition of 8 natural and essential oils can help:
    Argan oil to protect hair from everyday damage.
    Sandalwood oil to treat split ends, improve hair shine and growth.
    Neroli essential oil to reduce dandruff, itching and dryness.
    Rosehip to promote healthy hair growth.
    Nutmeg oil to help prevent hair loss.
    Myrtle essential oil to strengthen hair roots and stimulate hair growth.
    Mahogany oil to make hair smooth, soft and easy to comb.
    Carrot seed oil to soften the texture, restore damaged hair.

Tested by professionals:
    Safe formulation – free of silicones, parabens and SLS.
    Developed by breeders – reliable, high-end products.

Usage: Dilute the conditioner 1:10 with water. Gently massage into the coat after shampooing. Massage and comb out after about 3 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. For best results, use in combination with Tauro Pro Line Pure Mist.

Recommended: to restore the pet's coat, promote its regeneration and growth. For dogs and cats. Its ultra-gentle formula makes it ideal for pets with sensitive skin.

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