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Keratin & Gloss Conditioner | 400ml

Keratin & Gloss Conditioner | 400ml
Keratin & Gloss Conditioner | 400ml
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Tauro Pro Line ULTRA NATURAL CARE Keratin & Gloss conditioner with the highest quality ingredients and keratin to nourish and moisturize your pet's coat and skin. It is a unique restorative agent for hair restoration from the inside, created using the highest quality professional technologies. Suitable for all types of dog and cat coat.

Nourishes and moisturizes the skin and coat
Designed to provide essential care, it offers a potential boost to both skin and coat, ensuring a healthier, more hydrated appearance.

Provides a shiny and glossy finish.
Designed to enhance your pet's coat, it promotes a radiant and lustrous appearance that reflects their optimal health and care.

Detangles hair
Designed to potentially ease the process, it offers your pet's hair a smoother, more manageable texture, ensuring grooming becomes a breeze and their coat stays beautifully untangled.

Restores elasticity and hair structure.
Designed to potentially aid in rejuvenating both aspects, it contributes to a revitalized and resilient coat.


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