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Pure Mist | 1L

Pure Mist | 1L
Pure Mist | 1L
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The odorless multifunctional tool is designed for everyday care of dogs, cats and other small pets. It protects the skin from sooting and allergies

Natural multifunctional instrument produced by electrochemical activation. This process produces alkaline water with a pH of 11. It is designed for the daily care of the skin, fur, eyes and ears of dogs, cats and other pets. Suitable for use during exhibitions.

Eye hygiene: Removes dirt and tear spots. You can safely spray directly into the eyes of the pet, cleaning them with a cotton pad.

Ear hygiene: Removes dirt in the ears. You can safely spray directly into the ears of the pet, cleaning them with a cotton pad.

Furcare: The remedy protects the skin from sooting and allergies. Helps to remove dirt on the skin or fur, yellow urine stains. Promotes collagen production. Attracts 10 times more moisturethan water. Can be sprayed directly on the coat.

Antistatic effect: High alkalinity reduces the electrical and bulging of the fur. Ideal for exhibitions, when the coat requires a flawless appearance.

Disinfection: An acidic environment is a convenient medium for multiplying bacteria. Alkaline water is particularly unfavorable to bacteria, so this remedy is suitable fordisinfection, has antibacterial properties.

Cosmetic efficiency: When used in combination with shampoo, conditioner or other cosmetics, can improve their properties more than 7 times.

Moisturizing: Has moisturizing properties and can help protect the skin from dryness and allergies.

Keep clean: Helps to avoid brown stare spots and remove dirt and yellow urine stains on the fur or skin.

Easy to use: The spray is very convenientnot to wea which is not used for a bath. It's enough to put it on dirty places.

For various animals: The remedy is suitable for use in the care of dogs, cats and other small pets.

Composition: 11 pH ionised alkaline water containing six ions: Ca2+, Mg2+, HCO3-, Cl-, SO42-, Na+.

Spray 1-2 times directly into the ears or eyes, wipe the dirt using a cotton cotton cotton pad. Use as needed.
Spray the animals on a wet, clean coat before drying, if the fur is in place – on a dry one. For pets weighing up to 10 kg, spray 3-5 times, 10-25 kg – 5-7 times and more than 25 kg – 7-10 times.
Use in combination with cosmeticproducts to enhance their effect. For external use only, spray on the coat or skin 2-4 times. There is no possibility of an overdose.

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