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Grimeinator | 236ml

GRIMEINATOR ®  | 236ml
Grimeinator | 236ml
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Versatile deep cleansing, deodorizing and conditioning shampoo, even every day

Professional deep cleansing, deodorizing, conditioning shampoo. (1:32 in concentration) The extremely versatile professional GRIMEINATOR  is equally suitable for producing a “Best In Show” quality coat and for thorough but gentle cleaning of the fur of the dirtiest, most odorous, oily, greasy animal. It contains Humectant as well as various coconut-based moisturizers that soften the skin and condition the hair, plus it can be used every day! Thanks to its antistatic materials, the coat becomes easy to handle without sticking dirt on it. After use, we get a soft touch, shimmering light, the delicate fragrance and well-groomed appearance lasts a long time. It is very good to combine in case of dirty fur with other Double K shampoos, e.g. Basic cleansing with Grimeinator reg; then choosing the shampoo that best suits the coat for the second wash, and finally using a hair conditioner appropriate for the hair type. Very economical, recommended for all pets!

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