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Fur Growth Conditioner Spray | 250ml

Fur Growth Conditioner Spray | 250ml
Fur Growth Conditioner Spray | 250ml
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Tauro Pro Line Pure Nature Fur Growth spray coat conditioner for dogs and cats is designed to stimulate hair growth, improve its texture and fill the pet's coat and skin with nutrients and moisture. The unique formula of natural active substances reduces hair breakage, strengthens the follicles, so the coat becomes even denser, stronger and shinier. The conditioner effectively fills and thickens the hair affected by procedures, damaged and damaged structure, so it looks healthy and well-groomed.

Rich in essential and natural oils
Experience the luxurious products enriched with a blend of essential oils, providing your pet's coat with a nourishing and rejuvenating treatment. Our formulas are carefully created to leave your pet's coat feeling silky-smooth while the natural oils work their magic to promote scalp health and enhance hair's natural shine.

Strengthens hair follicle
Composition is specially formulated with natural compounds that stimulate and reinforce the hair follicles, resulting in strengthened and healthier coats for your pet.

Increase coat density & regrowth
Discover the secret to luscious coat with our unique conditioner enriched with a blend of essential and natural oils, thoughtfully formulated to increase coat density and stimulate regrowth for fuller and more vibrant fur.

Nourishes skin & coat
This conditioner is expertly formulated to nourish both the skin and coat of your pet, leaving them with a lustrous and healthy appearance that you'll love.


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