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Euca-Leuca-Lime | 236ml

Euca-Leuca-Lime | 236ml
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Medicated shampoo with eucalyptus, tea tree oil and green lemon extract

Shampoo with eucalyptus, tea tree oil and lime extracts. ORGANIC OPTIONS® EUCA-LEUCA-LIME® is an all-natural herbal shampoo that eliminates unpleasant odors. Its eucalyptus and D-Limonene content kills bloodsuckers and it also keeps it away for a short time. The tea tree oil in it has an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect, which helps to heal inflamed, chewed skin in case of summer allergic problems. It does not eliminate the cause, but it can alleviate unpleasant symptoms such as itch. Can be used for all hair types. With a fresh lemon eucalyptus scent. Concentration: 1: 6.

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