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Desert Almond | 236ml

Desert Almond | 236ml
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Vitamin-rich professional shampoo and conditioner

Vitamin-rich professional shampoo and conditioner Rich in vitamins, professional shampoo and conditioner. (1:15 concentration) DESERT ALMOND® is the perfect choice if you need a thorough, gentle or frequent bath. Recommended primarily for medium-length, curly or soft hair. Additional conditioning is only required in justified cases, e.g. for dry, split hairs. It can be easily rinsed from the fur, the coat will be soft and shiny. Its special fragrances eliminate unpleasant odors and instead give a fresh, delicate almond scent. In particular, it contains a pH-balanced preparation containing panthenol, aloe, vitamins A, D and E. Also recommended for dogs, cats, puppies and other companion animals.

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