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Deep Clean Shampoo for White and Light Coats | 3,8L

Deep Clean Shampoo for White and Light Coats | 3,8L
Deep Clean Shampoo for White and Light Coats | 3,8L
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Tauro Pro Line ULTRA NATURAL CARE FOR WHITE & LIGHT COAT Deep Clean shampoo with the highest quality ingredients and sage extract for deep cleaning of pet coat and skin. The shampoo is intended for dogs and cats with white and light coat. The enriched composition of the shampoo protects the skin's lipid barrier, prevents the skin from flaking, gives the coat shine and has a very pleasant smell.

Removes dirt, excess oil, and residue build-up
Expertly crafted to effortlessly remove dirt, excess oil, and stubborn residue build-up, this transformative formula leaves your pet's coat brilliantly refreshed and rejuvenated.

Deep cleaning
It has the potential to gently open the hair shaft, facilitating a thorough and profound cleansing process.

Assists in reducing unwanted coat stains
This shampoo may help to diminish and prevent unwanted coat stains, giving your pet a cleaner look.

Regenerates the skin
It's designed to potentially aid in skin regeneration, providing your pet with a soothing and revitalizing bathing experience.

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