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MATT-X 300ml

MATT-X 300ml
MATT-X 300ml
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Dematting and conditioning spray for dogs and cats, avoids damaging or breaking the hair, helps brushing

Very kind to the hair.  If used in a fine mist, does not need to be rinsed out.

Spray conditioner created to help remove mats and knots more quickly and gently.

Saves time, money, and coat!

Thanks to the non-greasy, antistatic formula, this conditioner aids brushing and leaves the coat silky smooth.

Before the bath, spray directly into matt/tangles until wet to the touch. Allow to sit in coat for 20 seconds to have best results. Brush out matts using our specially designed Double-Sided Flexible Slicker, available in Small and Large sizes. Brush and be amazed!

Can also be used as a brushing spray, but be sure to only use a fine mist. Using more than a fine mist requires being washed out, as it is a very moisturizing de-tangler.

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