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Biosilk Mask | 1L

Biosilk Mask | 1L
Biosilk Mask | 1L
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Professional rinse-free hair structure restoring, soothing balm with silk protein, lavender, aloe vera, amino acids, for dogs and cats

‘BIOSILK BALSAMO’ has high-quality plant raw materials with a knotting, hair and emollient effect. Silk proteins increase the elasticity of the hairs, forming a long-lasting protective layer on the hair. The fur becomes shiny, formable and easier to comb. It has an antistatic effect. Lavender is a remedy for the skin, the amino acids regenerate, make the fur firmer.

There is a noticeable improvement after the first use. When applied without rinsing, the conditioning remains more durable, less felted, and better protects against external harmful effects. Ideal for long and medium haired dogs and cats, but also a very good choice for their puppies. For maximum results, use BIOSILK SHAMPOO when bathing.

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