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Active Microfiber Coat | XL

Active Microfiber Coat | XL
Active Microfiber Coat | XL
Active Microfiber Coat | XL
Active Microfiber Coat | XL
Active Microfiber Coat | XL
Active Microfiber Coat | XL
Active Microfiber Coat | XL
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When your dog has just been washed, you want him to dry as quickly and easily as possible. Or maybe you two went for a walk in the woods or got caught in the pouring rain during training and you want to keep your furry friend warm. Active microfibre coats are the perfect solution for dirty and/or wet dogs!
Made from a double layer of the best quality, highly absorbent and fast-drying microfiber, these coats have 2 adjustable velcro straps for a perfect, secure fit. They allow your four-legged friend to move around freely while wearing the coat. Perfect for after the bath or after a walk to protect the inside of your car, a cage or floor from dirt and water.
No more towels falling off your dog and no more wet or dirty floors and furniture!
With a microfiber cloth, you can very effectively remove dust, grimes and liquids from any surface. Microfibre has the finest capillary pores, which allow it to absorb large amounts of water and moisture at a rapid pace. It is a unique material and very useful thanks to its great power of absorption. The fibres are 100 times smaller than human hair and a lot thinner than cotton fibres. Water is absorbed way faster than with an ordinary towel.
Fabric composition: 100% microfiber with 80% polyester / 20% polyamide. Hand wash or machine washable at 30°. Don’t use fabric softener. Can be tumble dried.


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