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Urine Off | 3,8L

Urine Off | 3,8L
Urine Off | 3,8L
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This effective odour and stain remover helps you quickly get rid of new and old stains and unpleasant smells caused by dog urine. Its unique formula based on bio-enzymatic bacteria activates and produces special proteins that remove the source of the dirt, leaving a fresh, clean surface! It is also ideal as an aid to toilet training for your pet. Odours are eliminated and therefore territorial peeing is also prevented.

This stain remover is highly effective against stains and odours, but at the same time completely harmless. Because it contains no chemicals, Urine Off Dog & Puppy is safe for the whole family!

Odour and stain remover
 Effective against urine stains and urine odours caused by puppies and adult dogs
Suitable for use in cages or kennels, on hard surfaces, carpets and various fabrics
Safe for humans and animals

Shake well before use. Always try Urine Off Dog & Puppy on a non-visible area first. Do not use this product in combination with other cleaning products. If the urine stains are fresh, first absorb them with a moisture-absorbing cloth or paper towel. Treat the affected area thoroughly by applying the product liberally to and around all urine stains. Then let it soak in. This may take a few minutes for recent stains.

Are there old stains as well? Then cover them with a plastic sheet and let the product soak in overnight. Remove the plastic and allow the spots to dry. Reapply Urine Off and leave on for a few minutes more. Repeat a few times if necessary. Finally, after application, remove product residues with water.

Treat hard surfaces with a brush. This is also good for removing old urine stains. When cleaning a carpet or fabric surface, it is important to clean the surface thoroughly with Urine Off before using any other product.

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