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Healthy Coat Volumizing Leave-In Conditioner | 250ml

Healthy Coat Volumizing Leave-In Conditioner | 250ml
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Healthy Coat Volumizing Leave-In Conditioner | 250ml
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The conditioner is designed to increase the volume of the pet's coat, which has a fluffy coat

Healthy Coat Volumizing is designed to increase fur volume for dogs and cats with a fluffy coat.

For increasing the volume of fluffy fur, for dogs and cats:
The wheat proteins contained in the composition are distinguished by strong fur-restoring and moisture-giving, but non-aggravating properties.
The tool gives the fur volume and a healthy shine.
Not recommended for pets allergic to gluten.

Verified by professionals:
Developed by breeders – reliable, high-end products.
For pets with a fluffy coat.

Application: moisten the pet's coat and rub  the shampoo. Massage well for about 3 minutes.
Rinse thoroughly with warm water, spray and then rub the conditioner. To achieve the best results, use Tauro Pro Line Pure Mist together.

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